Foam Challenges in Brewery Cleaning

Feb 02, 2024

Brewery bottle washer, a modest device in the canning line, aids breweries to effortlessly clear beer bottles of impurities. This instrument eradicates sundry pollutants, remnant labels, and persisting microorganisms for reuse. 

However, the cleaning process often encounters foaming challenges due to various stages. Failure to introduce the appropriate beer bottle cleaner can result in grave consequences like foam overflows. 

1.Foam formation during brewery bottle washing process

Firstly, the machine applies shower spray on the outer wall of the bottle and directional rinse on its inner side when water from valve bodies contacts the outlet/inlet holes. 

Next comes the intricate processes like alkaline wash, hot water soak with spray, warm water soak with spray etc., which are greatly influenced by temperature and water flow. Consequently, large quantities of foam form and accumulate. They require immediate resolution as they impose delays in each cleansing stage, compromise cleaning effect, and elevate cleaning costs. 

2.Effectiveness of Beer Bottle Cleaning Defoamer

The defoamer, an effective agent, mainly made of silicon polyether mixed with several active auxiliaries, exhibits excellent defoaming and anti-foaming abilities. It maintains stability in extreme foaming environments such as high temperatures, high pressures, strong acids or bases, without causing any defects like emulsification, oil floatation, or stratification experienced.

Once added to water, the defoamer efficiently eliminates existing bubbles, ensuring deflated conditions during lengthy periods, thereby reducing construction expenses and expediting the cleaning procedure.

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