Agriculture was a key development in the rise of human civilization. The production of healthy agricultural crops is inseparable from the use of pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides and other products. Due to various problems, a large amount of foam is produced during the production of these products. As a result, the use effect of the product is reduced, and the production efficiency and ecological environment are affected.


The production of fertilizer requires the addition of a large number of chemical auxiliaries. In this process, a lot of foam is produced, which can pollute the environment and affect the effectiveness of fertilizer use.

The use of defoamer can effectively improve product quality and avoid waste of raw materials.


Production and Pesticide Bottling

Pesticides are mainly used to control pests and help crops grow healthily. However, foam produced during pesticide production and pesticide bottling can reduce the performance of pesticides. It affects the growth of crops and even the health of workers.

The use of defoamer can inhibit the formation of foam and ensure the smooth progress of pesticide production and pesticide bottling.



Herbicides are used to control the growth of unwanted plants. It is often used to grow crops, as well as lawns, parks and other areas. In the herbicide production process, a lot of foam is created. These foams seriously affect the effectiveness of the herbicide and the absorption of nutrients by the crop.

The use of defoamer can improve the efficiency of herbicide production.


Antifoam for Phosphoric Acid Process

Phosphoric acid is mainly used in the production of chemical fertilizer, pharmaceutical, food and other industries. It is an important intermediate product in the production of fertilizer industry, which is used to produce high concentration phosphate fertilizer and compound fertilizer.

In view of the foam problem in the pesticide industry, Nanjing ANTIFOAM provides a variety of with high cost effective anti-foam agents' solution to solve unwanted foam problems, please contact us anytime if you need.

Main advantages:

Fast defoaming and long-lasting defoaming properties

Good water solubility

Does not affect product performance, color, etc

Maintain good defoaming effect under low dosage

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