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The causes of foam formation

1. The pigment filler in the paint has a large specific surface area. When it is added in the production of paint, it can absorb air into the paint to produce foam;
2. Coating in the production and application process, due to the addition of various surface-active substances, such as emulsifier, dispersant, wetting agent, thickener, etc., it is easy to produce foam during production and construction;
3. Due to mixing, dispersion, grinding, construction, etc., through the air intervention system, it is easy to form foam;
4. Due to some side reactionscarbon dioxide is produced and then foam appears.


Mechanism of defoamer

The defoamer must combine with a stable surfactant layer. Then it penetrates into the double tube membrane of the foam film. It spreads out upon contacting with the bubble to form an thin double film layer. Thus, the spread and intrusion of further defoamer replace the membrane wall of the original foam.

Since liquids with low surface tension always flow to liquids with high surface tension. Thus, the surface tension of the defoamer is lower than that of the bubble solution. The defoamer molecules attached to the foam surface reduce the local surface tension of the foam surface, but the rest of the membrane surface still maintains a large surface tension.

There is a difference in the surface gravity of liquid film. This difference gives rise to parts with a stronger pull and parts with a weaker pull. It will cause stress imbalance throughout the bubble, causing the bubble to burst.

The defoaming mechanism of the defoamer shows in the figure above.


Advantages of ANTIFOAM's antifoam agent:

Advantage 1  In cement mortar system, water-based ink paint, steel and other materials, dispersion is better, can solve most stubborn foam
Advantage 2 Only need to add a small amount to achieve rapid defoaming, and has a lasting foam suppression performance
Advantage 3 High quality, variety, accurate positioning according to customers' products
Advantage 4 Low defect rate, after addition will not affect the appearance of the product



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