With the continuous development of the printed circuit board industry, each process in the production process has become more stringent. As one of the important parts of electrical appliances, the circuit board needs to be maintained and cleaned. The circuit board is easy to produce a lot of foam in the cleaning process for various reasons. Foam will directly affect the efficiency and cleanliness of cleaning. It may even cause damage to the circuit board.


PCB Development

As one of the important components of photo development, the function of the developer can not be ignored. The foam created in this process is small, but very harmful. It will affect the effect and service life of the photo.


PCB Etching and Retreat Membrane

Etching is the key in the process of graphic decoration of metal plate, and the foam produced in the cleaning process affects the luster of the product. The appearance of foam during the retreat membrane process will affect the use and cleanliness of the circuit board.

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The production of foam will affect ink printing, affect the aesthetics of printing, and increase the production cost of ink.


Circuit Board Cleaning and Multilayer Circuit Board

The main purpose of cleaning circuit boards is to remove resin and flux residues on filled and mixed circuit boards and production-related residues generated during treatment.

The use of defoamer for PCB cleaning can effectively control the generation of foam and extend the service life of the circuit board.


Nanjing ANTIFOAM provides you an antifoam agent with good dispersion and strong system stability. We can help you better solve the foam problem of PCB cleaning.

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