Laundry and Household

  We cannot live without a variety of chemicals in our daily lives.

  While washing, we can see a lot of foam, this foam adheres to the clothes or washing machine is very difficult to deal with. 

  Common cleaning products are:

         - Powder Detergent

         - Liquid Detergent

         - Cleaning Agent






What will happen if these foams are not eliminated in time? 


1. The foam on the surface will cause some erosion, resulting in a poor cleaning effect.

2. Too much foam will slow down the cleaning progress and lead to an increase in cleaning costs.

3. A large amount of foam will overflow the cleaning system, which will not only affect the surrounding environment, but also lead to waste.

4. The foam will be used a lot of water to wash, which wastes water resources.


Regardless of whether you are interested in foam control in liquid detergents, powder detergents, or cleaning agents or whether you would like to use antifoam agents as processing aids, ANTIFOAM is likely to have the right defoamers for your every need, which have the following features:


1. Fast defoaming speed, long suppression time, high efficiency, low dosage, and environmental protection.

2. Easy to disperse in water, and can be well compatible with liquid products with no demulsification and no oil drift.

3. Rapid defoaming and anti-foaming effect, and is well compatible with various additives. 


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