Industrial Cleaning

In order to improve the luster of the product and extend the service life, the product will be cleaned. In the cleaning process it will use a lot of water and cleaning agents, but the cleaning agent contains many chemical additives. At the high speed of the machine, a lot of foam is produced. The foam will cause economic losses and reduce economic efficiency.

Electroplating Cleaning

A large amount of foam is produced during electroplating cleaning. If the foam is not treated in time, it will cause pollution to the environment and reduce the cleaning efficiency and quality. In severe cases, it can cause damage to the human skin and respiratory system.

The use of defoamer can quickly reduce the formation of foam. This can improve cleaning efficiency and quality, save costs and protect the environment.


Metal Cleaning

In order to maintain the luster of metal and improve the durability of metal products, many industries often clean metal instruments or jewelry. The foam generated during the cleaning process will remain on the metal, affecting the service life of the product and shortening the service cycle.

The use of defoamer can reduce the waste of water resources to a certain extent and improve the cleaning effect and quality.


Steel Plate Cleaning

In the cleaning process of the steel plate, the use of defoamer to eliminate foam can not only have a certain degree of rust removal effect, but also improve the gloss and cleaning effect of the steel plate.


Beer Bottle Cleaning

Beer bottles are products that can be recycled. After recycling, if foam is left behind during the production process, bacteria and mold can grow inside the beer bottle. It affects people's health and reduces cleaning efficiency.

The use of defoamer can solve the foam problem and reduce the cleaning cost. It also allows beer bottles to be cleaned more regularly and safely.


Spray Cleaning

Spray cleaning is a kind of chemical cycle cleaning, and the foam generated by the high-speed operation of the machine will affect the cleaning of the industry and cause environmental pollution.

The use of defoamer can improve the cleaning process and save water.


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