In the pulping process, due to stirring, turbulence, oscillation, jet and other operations, a large number of foam will be generated, which will reduce the relative density of the pulp and the washing efficiency. In addition, the bubble makes the pulp pressure sharply reduced, resulting in the release of gas, which may cause the paper with holes, and then affect the subsequent process.


The silicone defoamer offered is specially designed for black liquor formed during the pulp process to control foam. Compared with the traditional defoaming agent, it has better durability and a small amount of addition can play an excellent defoaming and anti-foaming effect. In addition, it is widely used in pulp production to control foams by significantly reducing entrained air.



Foam is often generated through chemical interactions on the paper machine combined with the rapid motions involved in the paper-making process. Paper machines generating foam and entrained air adversely affect production rates and paper quality. 

Our defoamers are used in paper machines to decrease the production of foam while manufacturing paper, with advanced features:

  • No foam-related issue can be seen on the final paper quality.
  •       Decreases environmental claims.
  •       Tries best to improve drainage aid in the paper machine.
  • Reduces the paper breakage


We offer a complete line of defoamers to effectively control foam in all pulp and paper processes, from pulp washing black liquid, paper machine white water, sizing, and coating to effluent treatment.


  • Pulp Washing Black Liquid - Silicone defoamer
  • Paper-making White Water -  Fatty Alcohol defoamer & Polyether defoamer 
  • Paper- making Sizing & Coating - Polyether defoamer & Mineral oil defoamer
  • Paper- making Effluent Treatment - Silicone defoamer & Non-Silicone defoamer



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