Latex paint is in common use building materials. Because latex paint contains a lot of surfactants, it is easy to produce foam. Much foam will affect the construction, resulting in safety risk and uneven mixing of materials. Surface defects and color differences, affecting the appearance of beauty. The antifoams we produce are good at suppressing foam from manufacturing to the final product.


The role of antifoams in latex paint

In the latex paint, the addition of antifoams can deal with the foam that has emerged and inhibit the emergence of new foam. This reduces costs, and better to help the latex paint molecules disperse evenly, making it whiter and more delicate. It can also improve the latex film's strength, water resistance and scrub resistance. Besides, the density of the antifoam is small, and it has suspension, so as to play an anti-settling.


Advantages of our products

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    l It has a stronger bubble breaking effect, faster defoaming speed, less dosage and longer lasting effect;

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    l It has good surface tension, high temperature resistance, and have good compatibility with other liquid;

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    l It is easily dispersed in water and will not cause secondary pollution;



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    l It has no negative impact on the next process and won't affect the appearance of the product.



Nanjing ANTIFOAM provides you an antifoam agent with good dispersion and strong system stability. We can help you better solve the foam problem of Latex Paint.

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