Leather plays many roles in everyday life, such as shoes, bags, clothes, furniture and car interiors.

Causes of foam in leather

On the one hand, the raw materials used in the leather production process are sheepskin, cowhide or crocodile skin, etc. These materials belong to natural leather,They are prone to chemical treatment and produce carbon dioxide, which causes foaming. On the other hand, in the production process, air is mixed due to improper operation, which will also cause foaming.


Negative effects of foaming

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    l If the foam is not eliminated in time, the leather surface will not be beautiful. And the existence of the foam will easily cause cracks on the surface, or even damage, affecting the quality of the product.


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    l Too much foam will make the whole leather look bumpy and feel rough, affecting customers' desire to buy.


    l The production of foam will slow down the production progress of leather, extend the production cycle of leather, and produce unnecessary production costs.


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    l A large amount of foam will remain on the leather production equipment. It will result in erosion of the equipment, affect the efficiency of the use of the equipment, and shorten the service life of the equipment.


Functions of leather antifoam

Leather antifoam can dissolve well with leather and it has effective anti-foaming and defoaming effect. At the same time, the use of antifoam can better maintain the durability of the product. Under the conditions of high temperature exposure, leather is less likely to foam. Besides, the addition of antifoam can alsosolve the problem of foam due to operational errors in the production process.


Advantages of our products

l Their defoaming speed is faster and the foam suppression time is longer;

l They have good water solubility and fast dispersion and can be well dissolved with leather. Moreover, they will not remain on the leather surface after use;

l Using our products will not affect the quality of the leather in the later stage, and will not change the basic system and appearance of the leather.



Nanjing ANTIFOAM provides you an antifoam with good dispersion and strong system stability. We can help you better solve the foam problem of Leather.

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