Water-based Coatings and Inks


Water-based coatings and water-based inks are a new type of environmentally friendly products relative to traditional products. The principle is to replace the diluent in traditional products with water.


  • Water-based coating refers to the coating with water as the main dispersion medium. According to the dispersion state of the resin in water, it is usually divided into three types: water-soluble paint, water-diluted paint, and water-dispersible paint (latex paint). Water-based coating uses water as the solvent, which saves a lot of resources and has good adaptability to the material surface, but requires high cleanliness of the material surface. The application range of water-based coatings involves various fields of national economic construction, such as water-based architectural coatings, water-based automotive coatings, water-based metal anti-corrosion coatings and water-based wood coatings.
  • Water-based inks and water-based coatings have many common raw materials, such as additives, resins, pigments, etc. Water-based inks are relatively safe and environmentally friendly, and are commonly used in tobacco, alcohol, food, beverages, and children’s toys. It has low adhesion, lacks gloss and dries slowly.


The low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) content of water-based coatings and inks makes them safer and more environmentally friendly for both production operators and users. However, as a composite emulsion, water-based coatings and water-based inks are easily affected by the process and the internal gas is mixed, because it is a viscous system, the gas can not be precipitated, resulting in the emergence of foam.


The function and advantage of defoamers

In the production process of water-based coatings and water-based inks, mineral oil defoamer, silicone defoamer or synthetic non-silicone defoamer can be added according to the product needs, and the low molecular substance that can be fully mixed with the solution can be used to make the surfactant solubilized and reduce its effective concentration. It has the advantages of safety and harmless, strong defoaming ability, good applicability and compatibility and will not affect the basic nature of the foaming system.


Causes of foam:

1.The influence of surfactants such as additives

2.The process of grinding the color paste

3.Paint mixing process

4.Viscous system of paint and ink


Adverse reactions that can be avoided by using defoamer:

1.Avoid the extension of production time, the reduction of production efficiency and the  increase of cost

2.Avoid foaming during filling and cause uneven quality of each barrel

3.Avoid the reduction of the adhesion of paint and ink to the substrate

4.Avoid appearance defects such as pinholes and fish eyes



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