Water is the source of life and nurtures all living things on Earth. With the continuous development of human society and industrial modernization, the quality of water and the environment of water resources are becoming worse and worse. So many industries will treat water to protect water resources. The foam produced in the water treatment process will seriously affect the quality of water and the ecological environment. It will also reduce the efficiency of water treatment and increase the cost.


Municipal Sewage Treatment and Industrial Sewage Treatment 

Whether municipal sewage or industrial sewage, there are a lot of polluting substances. The formation of foam in the treatment process will affect the ecological environment and the effect of water treatment. It may even harm your health. 

Using defoamer can effectively eliminate the foam in sewage and improve the efficiency and quality of sewage treatment.


Industrial Circulating Water Treatment

The use of defoamer in circulating water treatment can effectively help the stability of circulating water, not only improve the efficiency of water treatment but also save costs.


Biological Water Treatment

Biochemical water treatment refers to the biochemical treatment of sewage to obtain water that meets discharge standards. In the process of treatment, the generation of foam will affect the progress and process of biochemical water treatment. It also leads to lower efficiency and higher costs.


Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment

Due to the addition of additives and the operation of the machine, a lot of foam will be produced in the reverse osmosis water treatment process. To a certain extent, it affects the equipment, manpower and costIt also reduces the efficiency of water treatment.


Landfill Leachate

Garbage osmosis will be produced during the process of garbage accumulation. Its water quality is complex, containing a variety of toxic and harmful substances. It makes it more difficult to deal with. These problems can be easily solved with the use of the relevant defoamer. It can not only protect the environment, but also save costs.


Sea Water Desalination

In order to save water resources, many industries in coastal cities will choose seawater desalination as industrial water to improve the utilization rate of water resources.


Main advantages

1. Non-toxic and harmless

2. Fast defoaming performance

3. Good dispersion in water

4. No suspended matter after dilution


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