Advantages of defoaming agents in wet phosphoric acid production process

Mar 15, 2024

Wet phosphoric acid is an important chemical industry process used to produce phosphoric acid and related phosphate compounds. In the wet phosphoric acid process, the addition of defoaming agents can help solve the following problems:

Control the generation of bubbles and foam:

In the wet phosphoric acid production process, a large number of bubbles and foam may be generated due to the chemical reaction between the reactants and the high-concentration phosphoric acid solution. These bubbles and foam will occupy the effective volume in the reactor during the reaction process and reduce the reaction efficiency. By adding an appropriate amount of defoaming agent, the surface film of bubbles can be destroyed and the duration of bubbles can be reduced, thereby effectively controlling the generation of bubbles and foam.

Prevent equipment clogging and corrosion:

Larger bubbles and foam will adhere to pipes and equipment walls and may cause clogging and corrosion problems. The addition of defoaming agents can reduce the adhesion of bubbles and foam, reduce their deposition and accumulation in the equipment, thereby reducing the risk of equipment clogging and corrosion.

Improve product quality:

The presence of foam may lead to the presence of impurities and impure substances in the product, affecting the quality of the product. The application of defoaming agents can help reduce the content of suspended solids and impurities in the foam and improve the purity and quality of the product.

The selection and use of wet phosphoric acid defoamer plays an important role in ensuring the smooth progress of the production process and improving product quality. By rationally selecting and controlling the use of defoaming agents, foam problems can be effectively controlled and production efficiency and equipment stability improved. When using defoamer, you need to pay attention to its addition amount and time to avoid excessive use or premature addition, which may cause negative effects or reduce product quality. Therefore, the selection and use of defoaming agents require sufficient experimentation and process optimization.


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