• Application of defoamer in textile printing and dyeing industry
    Application of defoamer in textile printing and dyeing industry Sep 12, 2023
    After people's living conditions are better, the demand for clothing textile decoration is also deepening, so the textile printing and dyeing industry is developing faster and faster. However, in the process of textile printing and dyeing, a lot of foam is often produced, and the appearance of foam will have a certain impact on the printing effect, so the elimination of textile foam is imminent. &...
  • Application and introduction of defoamer in landfill leachate treatment
    Application and introduction of defoamer in landfill leachate treatment Oct 27, 2023
    Nowadays, the rapid development of life has produced a large amount of domestic garbage. During the process of stacking and landfilling of garbage, due to biochemical degradation such as compaction and fermentation, a liquid with a high concentration of organic or inorganic components is produced under the seepage of precipitation and groundwater, which we call landfill leachate.Landfill leachate ...
  • Car cleaning agent defoamer
    Car cleaning agent defoamer Oct 27, 2023
    Car cleaning agent - as an early maintenance product, in the car beauty shop, the staff will use the car cleaning agent. Car cleaning agent can not only clean the dust on the surface of the car body, but also form a film to protect the car paint. However, during the production process of car cleaning agents, excessive foam will be produced, which will seriously affect the product quality, slow dow...
  • Desalination defoamer
    Desalination defoamer Oct 27, 2023
    Fresh water resources are very precious to us, but there are far from enough fresh water resources on earth, so we need to desalinize seawater. Seawater desalination refers to the process of removing excess salt and minerals in water to obtain fresh water. There are two main methods: distillation and reverse osmosis. However, foam is often generated in the process of seawater desalination, which w...
  • Selection of defoamer in papermaking process
    Selection of defoamer in papermaking process Nov 15, 2023
    In the modern paper industry, the air and small air bubbles contained in the white water and the slurry have a huge impact on the papermaking of the paper machine, the formation of the paper web, and the quality of the paper after paper production. The generation of air bubbles depends on many reasons, such as the use of wet end chemicals, the jet agitation of stock in the size tank flow system, t...
  • Comparison of silicone defoamer and non-silicon defoamer
    Comparison of silicone defoamer and non-silicon defoamer Nov 22, 2023
    Silicone defoamer to modify the material of polysiloxane as the key ingredient, and non-toxic food grade stainless steel thickener, thickener, thickener, the selection of special process made of microbial plasticity defoamer. Non-silicon defoamer is a kind of high carbon steel alcohol-ether moisturizing emulsion which can contain organic silicon material completely. The key is to use nitrogen comp...
  • Introduction of circuit board cleaning antifoaming agent
    Introduction of circuit board cleaning antifoaming agent Nov 27, 2023
    Circuit board cleaning antifoaming agent is a specially modified polyether as the main component, will not cause silicon spot residual on the tank wall, easy to clean equipment.   This product has excellent anti-foam performance, high stability and water dispersion performance.   This product is specially designed for cleaning printed circuit boards, can be widely used in the development...
  • Antifoams for pesticides
    Antifoams for pesticides Dec 04, 2023
    Pesticides, including herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides, are generally complex organic substances. In order to distribute them evenly on crops, they must be formulated as wettable powders or oil-in-water emulsions by adding surfactants. Foam will be generated when used in diluted form. The flotation effect of the foam will reduce the uniformity of the pesticide water dispersion, a...
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