Car cleaning agent defoamer

Oct 27, 2023

Car cleaning agent - as an early maintenance product, in the car beauty shop, the staff will use the car cleaning agent. Car cleaning agent can not only clean the dust on the surface of the car body, but also form a film to protect the car paint. However, during the production process of car cleaning agents, excessive foam will be produced, which will seriously affect the product quality, slow down the production efficiency, and even cause pollution to the surrounding environment. The occurrence of these series of problems has made manufacturers helpless. But at this time, fortunately, there are car cleaning agent defoamers, which can solve this problem for manufacturers.

Causes of foam in car cleaning agent:

The main active component of cleaning agent is surfactant, and its main function is cleaning. The foaming phenomenon is that the surfactant is inserted into the water phase through the hydrophilic group, and the oil-philic group is inserted into the oil phase or erected in the air to form a directional arrangement on the interface layer or surface, so that the interfacial tension is reduced, which causes the air to form small bubbles in the liquid, and ensures that the bubbles rise to form the foam layer.


Hazards of foam produced by car cleaning agents:

1. For multi-porous cleaning products such as fiber products, too much foam will make it difficult to rinse clean, which will prolong the rinsing time and increase the rinsing cost.

2. Too much foam will overflow the cleaning system, leading to environmental pollution in workshops or operating places.

3. The presence of foam will affect the visibility of the cleaned surface, which is not conducive to observing the degree of cleaning on the side.

4. Too much foam will lead to unstable production and affect the quality of the product.

5. Too much foam needs to be rinsed many times, and the water consumption is large, so it is not easy to rinse.


Overview of car cleaning agent defoamer:

The car cleaning agent defoamer is made of a variety of special polyethers through a composite process, which has good defoaming and anti-foaming properties and high-shear resistance. In the transparent cleaning agent, its addition will not affect the appearance of the cleaning agent, nor will it float oil, do not break emulsion, do not float, and will not produce residual wall hanging.

Application scenarios of car cleaning agent defoamer:

Car cleaning agent defoamer is widely used in: car cleaning agent, strong alkaline water degreasing agent (equivalent to 20% NaoH solution system), pre-treatment cleaning agent (tonization process), spray electroplating cleaning agent/degreasing agent, Alkaline degreasing agent, spraying agent, degreasing agent, metal wire drawing fluid, flux, wiper water, metal cleaning agent, alkaline degreasing agent, cleaning of various metal abrasives, cleaning of special imported steel plates, aluminum, copper, zinc and magnesium parts Cleaning, cleaning of precision instruments and electronic components, EDM working fluid, etching solution, electrolyte wire cutting liquid steel plate cleaning agent, general strong acid and alkali high pressure cleaning, cutting fluid, degreasing agent, degreasing powder, degreasing of alkaline aluminum parts Powder, ordinary coating cleaning, electroplating, stainless steel cleaning, high-pressure spray cleaning, water treatment, chemical immersion and other occasions where silicone cannot be used.


How to use car cleaning agent defoamer?

Car cleaning agent defoamer can be directly added to all kinds of cleaning agent liquid, its general addition amount is 0.1-1% of the total cleaning agent, the specific actual dosage should be determined by process test, it can also be mixed with other powder cleaning agent before use.

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