Efficient Metal Cutting Fluid Defoamer for Foam Control

Feb 02, 2024

The metal cutting fluid defoamer is a unique blend of modified polyether and fluorine ingredients. Flexible in water and perfect for enduring foam control in hostile environments such as high temperature, high acidity or alkalinity, high shear stress or high pressure. Notably, it is resistant to heat, acid and alkali; non-floating, and non-oiling; widely useful in various challenging foam removal systems. 

With powerful defoaming and anti-foam capabilities, our defoamer requires minimal use, preserves the basic characteristics of the foaming system, provides excellent dispersion and penetration properties, effortlessly blends with oils and cutting fluids, and performs superbly in acidic, alkaline, salt, electrolyte and hard water. It is comparable to imported products at an intriguing price point. 


Applicable: Metal cutting fluid, metal processing, cutting oil, hardware cutting oil, micro emulsions, solvent cleaning, acid/alkali aqueous cleaners, optical glass cutting liquid, wire cutting oil, automatic line cleaner, large net cleaner, lubricating (oil) solution, EDM working fluid, drill hole fluid, precision grinding solution, etching solution, electrolytic wire cutting fluid, etc.

Product attributes:

1. Fast defoaming, sustained foam suppression, low dosage, preservation of base characteristics of the foaming system. 

2. Excellent heat resistance, stable chemical properties, no corrosion, toxicity, adverse effects, nonflammability, or explosion. 

3. Superior dispersibility, straightforward usage, low usage rate. 

4. Robust defoaming efficiency significantly enhances mud lubrication and cooling efficiency, notably enhancing mud recycling efficiency. 

5. Comparable performance to imported products but with a significant price advantage.

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