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Excellent Anti Foaming Agent AF-193

AF-193 defoamer antifoaming agents has excellent degassing and anti-foaming properties, good fluidity and is easy to use. anti foam agent is suitable for dry powder mortar, gypsum precast boards, dry powder coatings and interior and exterior wall putty.

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    Excellent Anti Foaming Agent AF-193
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    T/T; L/C at sight; DAP
  • Color:

    White solid powder
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    ≤7 days

Product Features


  • Good degassing performance
  • Good anti-foaming and anti-foaming performance
  • The product has good fluidity and is easy to use.




  • Dry mortar
  • Gypsum precast panels
  • Dry powder coating
  • Internal and external wall putty


Physical indicators




White solid powder

pH value








  • powder defoamer can be added directly or diluted to low content.
  • It can be diluted directly with water, but it needs to be used immediately. If it needs to be stored for a certain period of time after dilution, please consult our company and we will provide professional dilution methods.
  • The addition amount is generally 10~1000ppm. The optimal addition amount is determined according to the actual situation on site.
  • The adding point is generally selected where the defoaming agent is easily dispersed, and a metering pump can be used to add continuously.


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