Nanjing Antifoam is a defoamer manufacturer for silicone defoamer and non silicone defoamer.

                                       Nearly all formulations are researched, developed and produced within our own factory to ensure high-quality, stable performance. 

  • Silicone Antifoam Silicone Antifoam

    Silicone antifoam uses polysiloxanes as the primary active substance, with particularly low surface tension. In foam problem, it offers highly effective antifoaming and foam control solutions in textile, pulp and paper, water treatment, oil andgas, construction metalworking liquid and other industries.


  • Polyether Antifoam Polyether Antifoam

    Polyether defoamer is a non-silicon defoamer mainly composed of modified polyether. It has the characteristics of good dispersibility in water and strong dynamic antifoaming ability. It is mainly used in the paper process, oil and gas, alumina, power plant desulfurization, fermentation, water treatment, industrial cleaning and other industries.

  • Fatty Alcohol Antifoam Fatty Alcohol Antifoam

    Fatty alcohol defoamer is a type of silicone free defoamer formed from high grade fatty alcohol as the main active substance, which is mainly used in eliminating and controlling foam in paper-making white water wet end and water treatment and other industries and processes.

  • Mineral Oil Antifoam Mineral Oil Antifoam

    Most mineral oil antifoam is prepared by the large coefficient of osmosis of mineral oil and hydrophobic particles as antifoaming active material, supplemented by antifoaming synergistic substance. It provides highly effective antifoaming and foam suppressive performance in paint and ink, and other systems that cannot use silicone-based defoamer.

  • Antifoam Compound Antifoam Compound

    Experience the power of our Antifoam Compound as it breaks the surface tension of liquids, liberating trapped gas bubbles with ease. It provides a clear path for unhindered progress, paving the way for seamless operations and enhanced productivity.
    Harnessing the unmatched potency of our Antifoam Compound, you can bid farewell to foam-related inefficiencies. Embrace a new era of precision and control, where unwanted foam is a thing of the past. Trust in our revolutionary formula to empower your industrial processes and take them to new heights of excellence.
    Choose the Antifoam Compound - the epitome of innovation, reliability, and efficiency. Don't let foam hold you back; unleash the true potential of your operations. With us by your side, success is guaranteed, one defoamed bubble at a time.

Why Choose Nanjing Antifoam Manufacturer?


* Our total production capacity is 30000tons+/year to ensure fast supply;

* With years of experience, we have been extended portfolio of defoamers and antifoams, including silicone defoamer, polyether defoamer, fatty alcohol defoamer, mineral oil defoamer powder defoamer and compound defoamer.

* No matter what foam challenges you are facing, it will be analyzed, reviewed and supported by our professional technical team, advanced types of equipment and innovative technical analysis.


Research and Innovation
Our R&D team is committed to developing new products and solving the technical problems to meet the any foam challenges of our partners. We believe that innovation comes from cooperation. Therefore, we welcome any ideas and suggestions.
Different industries require different methods of evaluating foam inhibition and foam generation. Antifoam has been designed a line of defoamers to effectively control foam in many industries.
In some cases, whether the special requirement for process is needed custom formulation, or the current has a monopoly, we also can study and open a project specially for you.
Production and Supply
We have a independent manufacturing plant on liquid and powder defoamer production. Our factory was built and developed to accommodate our growing market demand and improve the supplying ability. Our total production capacity is 30,000tons year to ensure fast supply.
We strive to provide our partners with the most cost and performance-effective products that is the most suitable anti-foam agent solutions. For all of our partners around the world, we welcome you to visit our factory!
Quality Control
The quality of defoamers is essential to our comany. As defoamer manufacturer, we have a mature quality inspection method and standard. Our quality control department is responsible for defining quality standards and monitoring product compliance with standards.
Technical Support
Our service is not only to provide high performance products. We also have very important technical assistance and comprehensive support. With our professional technical team, advance equipment, and innovated technical analysis, we are ready to deal any foam questions and problems you face.
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