When can defoaming agents be added?

Mar 27, 2024


The main function of a defoaming agent is to eliminate foam and inhibit foam regeneration, and can be widely used in various industries. However, for many workers who do not understand and are using defoaming agents for the first time, there is a question that bothers them, that is, when should defoaming agents be added?


Let us take silicone defoaming agents as an example. Generally, Silicone defoamers have four addition methods:


1. Add before foaming: This method can suppress the foam by adding a defoaming agent in advance to the system where foaming may occur. For closed containers and devices, defoaming agents can effectively eliminate foam.


2. Continuous dripping addition: When the foaming liquid is either circulating or flowing, the defoaming agent will be consumed along with the circulating flow of the foaming liquid. In this case, use continuous dripping of the defoaming agent. By this method, the defoaming agent can effectively eliminate foam. If supplemented by a metering pump, the addition amount can be effectively controlled for the most economical use of defoaming agents.

3. Self-controlled addition: Any foaming liquid may not always foam. There is no exact rule for when to foam and the amount of foam. The defoaming agent is added to replenish consumption and does not need to be added when there is no foaming. Therefore, a self-controlled addition method can be adopted, and the defoaming agent can be added under self-control according to the signs of foaming.


4. Intermittent addition: If the foaming is not continuous and the foaming is not serious, the defoaming agent can be added at once or regularly. Because the amount of defoaming agent added is small, in order to disperse the defoaming agent evenly, it should be added in a place where the foaming liquid is turbulent. In many cases, it can be added manually. If the foaming is violent or in order to quickly eliminate the foaming, you can use a spray gun.



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