Application of special defoamer for cement mortar

Nov 15, 2023


Blistering of cement mortar is a relatively common problem. Foaming of cement mortar can easily lead to surface roughness, cracking, internal hollowing, overall looseness or low overall compressive strength, etc., which will affect the compactness and firmness of the entire component, resulting in poor construction effect. If harmful foam exists in the cement mortar, it is easy to affect the quality of the cement mortar components. If you find the right method, the foam in the cement mortar system is relatively easy to eliminate. A common, simple and convenient treatment method is to add a cement mortar defoamer. The cement mortar defoamer is mainly designed for the foaming characteristics of the cement mortar mixing process. The use of this product can effectively control the generation of foam in the cement mortar system and make the concrete components more compact and bright. The cement mortar defoamer is a defoamer synthesized by polyether and other ingredients, and it is suitable for defoaming under the conditions of strong acid and strong alkali.



Hazards of cement mortar foaming:

1. Foam will cause air to appear in the cement mortar product and affect the firmness of the product.

2. Foam will affect the dispersion performance, plasticization performance and flow performance of cement mortar products.

3. Foam will affect the appearance and strength of cement mortar products, resulting in honeycomb-like appearance on the surface and substandard strength.

4. Foam will lead to a decline in the quality of cement mortar products, affecting the fireproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, heat-resistant, and cold-resistant properties of cement mortar.


Advantages of cement mortar defoamer:

1. No matter in the case of high temperature or low temperature, the cement mortar defoamer can be applied, and it can still maintain high-efficiency and high-speed defoaming, less dosage and good dispersibility.

2. In the process of construction and production of building materials, effectively control the generation of foam in the cement mortar system, so that the concrete components are more complete, dense and bright.

3. The cement mortar defoamer is non-toxic, odorless, harmless to human health, and conducive to production safety.

4. The cement mortar defoamer can also be applied to defoaming in the production process of mineral pulp, calcium silicate board, concrete, water reducing agent, asbestos tile, putty powder and reinforcing agent.


How to use cement mortar defoamer:

Reasonable addition of cement mortar defoamer during use can improve the compactness of cement mortar and make the strength better after hardening. The specific additive amount can be determined according to the amount of foaming at that time. If the amount of foam is too much, the dosage can be increased appropriately. At the same time, before the application of the defoamer, a small part of the cement can be taken for the addition experiment to avoid improper addition.


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