How to choose a good surface treatment industrial - powder type defoamer

Nov 22, 2023

Part One: the standard of selecting a good powder type defoamer


Step 1: Defoaming effect

The defoaming effect is the key index to evaluate the quality of powder type defoaming agent. A good powder type defoamer should have the effect of fast defoaming and lasting defoaming. In the selection, the measured defoaming time and foam suppression time of the product can be referred to, and these data can directly reflect the defoaming performance of the product. In addition, different processes and environmental factors will also affect the defoaming effect, so it is recommended to test and compare in practical applications.

Step 2: Stability

The stability of powder type defoamer is very important for its application in the surface treatment industry. The product with good stability can maintain the activity for a long time and play the role of defoaming stably under different process conditions. In the selection, attention should be paid to the physical stability of the product (such as particle size distribution, hygroscopicity, etc.) and chemical stability (such as acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, etc.). These indicators will directly affect the use effect and storage performance of the product.

Step 3: Compatibility

The compatibility of powder type defoamer with other substances is also a factor to be considered when selecting. Good compatibility can ensure that the defoamer is evenly dispersed in the surface treatment solution, so that the defoamer can play a better role. In the selection, attention should be paid to the compatibility of the product and the surface treatment solution to avoid precipitation, delamination and other phenomena.

Step 4: Price

Price is one of the factors that must be considered when buying. When selecting powder type defoamer, reasonable selection should be made according to actual production demand and cost budget. Under the premise of ensuring product quality and performance, choosing products with reasonable prices helps to reduce production costs and improve the overall economic benefits.



Part two: Matters needing attention in practical application

1. Characteristics and application scenarios of different types of surface treatment industrial-powder type defoamer

Different surface treatment processes have different requirements for powder type defoamer. Understanding the characteristics and application scenarios of different types of surface treatment industries helps to choose the appropriate powder type defoamer. For example, in the plating process, it is necessary to choose a powder type defoamer that is resistant to acid and alkali and high temperature; In the coating process, it is necessary to choose a powder type defoamer that has good compatibility with the coating and does not affect the coating quality.

2. Comparison of recommended dosage and effect under different concentrations

In practical applications, different concentrations of surface treatment solutions need to use different amounts of powder type defoamer. In order to obtain a good defoaming effect, it is recommended to compare and test the recommended dosage according to the actual process conditions. In addition, the effect of different brands of powder type defoamer at different concentrations can be compared by experiment, so as to choose the right product

3. Precautions

In the selection and use of powder type defoamer, it is necessary to pay attention to some abnormal conditions. For example, if the antifoaming effect is found to be poor or the foam cannot be suppressed, it may be due to the incompatibility of the powder type antifoaming agent with other substances or the improper use of the method. At this time, the use method should be adjusted according to the specific situation or replace other brands of powder type defoamer. In addition, long-term storage or high temperature environment may lead to product performance degradation or deterioration, should be regularly checked product storage conditions and service life.


Sum up

Selecting a good surface treatment industrial-powder type defoamer is very important to improve production efficiency and product quality. In the selection, should pay attention to the product defoaming effect, stability, compatibility and price and other factors. At the same time, in practical applications, attention should be paid to the characteristics and application scenarios of different types of surface treatment industries, as well as the recommended dosage and effect comparison under different concentrations. Through comprehensive comparison and analysis, the powder type defoamer suitable for their own enterprises is selected to provide a strong guarantee for the normal operation of the surface treatment process.


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