Antifoams for pesticides

Dec 04, 2023

Pesticides, including herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides, are generally complex organic substances. In order to distribute them evenly on crops, they must be formulated as wettable powders or oil-in-water emulsions by adding surfactants. Foam will be generated when used in diluted form. The flotation effect of the foam will reduce the uniformity of the pesticide water dispersion, affect its efficacy, and interfere with the spraying operation.


Pesticide Antifoams

Application areas

Pesticide antifoam can be used in pesticide production, weed control, desiccant, cleaning agent, fertilizer, pesticide filling, pesticide dynamic transmission, and other agricultural product applications under high-temperature, strong alkali conditions to suppress foam and defoam.


Pesticide antifoam is easy to disperse in water. It is compatible with liquid products and does not break the emulsion or bleach the oil. It has a fast defoaming effect and foam inhibition function, and it is well matched with various additives.


Fertilizer Antifoam

Application areas

Fertilizer antifoam is used for defoaming in fertilizer production, defoaming in pesticide production, seed fermentation, and other places where defoaming is required.


This product is made of silicone polyether with a variety of active additives through a special process. It is easy to disperse in aqueous systems and has strong self-emulsification, a good defoaming effect, and long-lasting foam inhibition.


Fertilizer antifoam in phosphoric acid production

Phosphoric acid is an important raw material for the production of highly concentrated phosphate fertilizers and is usually produced by the acid decomposition of phosphate ore. During the decomposition of phosphate ore with acid, oxygen is released, which is mixed with organic matter and generates large amounts of foam. At the same time, the decomposition contains various inorganic impurities that accelerate the production of foam. The large amount of foam generated leads to the overflow of the reaction solution hanging on the wall of the dissolver and the heating pipe, resulting in serious deposits that not only waste raw materials but also affect production efficiency and, in serious cases, may lead to production not running normally. Fertilizer antifoam for phosphate fertiliser can inhibit foam generation very well and ensure smooth production without any impact on subsequent processes.



Herbicide Antifoam

Application areas

It can be used in pesticide production, pesticide filling, pesticide dynamic infusion, herbicides, desiccants, cleaning agents, industrial detergents, cleaning supplies defoaming, low-foaming carpet water defoaming, beer bottle cleaning agents, chemical industry cleaning agents, metal cleaning agents, and high-temperature strong alkali conditions of foam inhibition and defoaming.



Herbicide defoamer is made from a special compound containing specially modified polyether and fluorine-containing raw materials through a special process. It is extremely soluble in water and is particularly suitable for continuous defoaming and foam inhibition under conditions of high temperature, strong acid and alkali, high shear force, and high pressure. It also has excellent resistance to high temperatures, acids, and bases, does not float or drift oil, and can be used in a wide range of harsh systems over a wide temperature range.

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