Introduction of circuit board cleaning antifoaming agent

Nov 27, 2023

Circuit board cleaning antifoaming agent is a specially modified polyether as the main component, will not cause silicon spot residual on the tank wall, easy to clean equipment.


This product has excellent anti-foam performance, high stability and water dispersion performance.


This product is specially designed for cleaning printed circuit boards, can be widely used in the development and stripping process (PCB whole process can be used), will not affect the circuit board processing, is water-soluble, has no oil bleaching, no residual. It is a safe and environmentally friendly product.


In the printed circuit board industry, the multilayer circuit board must be cleaned, and the foam problem generated in the cleaning process will directly affect the efficiency of cleaning, which will cause a lot of unnecessary trouble to the production. And if the circuit board cleaning treatment is not complete, the foam will directly corrode the circuit board, resulting in circuit board damage, so it is essential to eliminate the foam in the process of circuit board cleaning, and circuit board cleaning defoamer can be a good solution to this problem. It will be no drift oil, not rust, and will not affect the circuit board.


Its features:

1. Low COD, low consumption, strong defoaming performance, high stability, not easy to decompose;

2. Good washability, will not remain on the board, no quality defects during the process;

3. It will not affect the plating and the soldering,  be in a wide operation range.


Defoaming agents are mostly liquid compound products, which are mainly divided into mineral oil, silicone, polyether, and mineral oil antifoaming agents.

They usually consist of a carrier, active agents and so on.

A carrier is a low surface tension material, its role is to carry and dilute. Commonly used carrier is water, fatty alcohol, etc.

The role of active agents is to inhibit and eliminate foam, commonly used are wax, aliphatic amide, fat, etc.


Silicone defoamers generally include polydimethylsiloxane and so on. Silicone antifoaming agent has poor solubility, fast defoaming speed and good foam suppression at room temperature, but stratification, slow defoaming speed, and poor foam suppression at high temperature.


Polyether antifoaming agents include polyoxypropylene oxide ethylene glycerol ether and so on. Polyether antifoaming agents have the characteristics of long anti-foaming time, fast defoaming speed, and good thermal stability.


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