Benefits of Fermentation Defoamer and Its Use

Feb 22, 2024

Nowadays, fermentation is commonly used in the food, biological and chemical industries and has a very promising future. In the fermentation process, through the microbial activity, the production of carbon dioxide and other gases and other substances are easy to product foam, which not only affects the fermentation process, but also leads to an increase in costs. In order to quickly solve the problem of fermentation foam, usually choose to add fermentation defoamer.


Fermentation defoamer is a biologically inert fermentation defoamer refined by a special process. According to the characteristics of the fermentation process, it can be directly added to the fermentation liquid together with the base material, after high temperature flow addition or replenishment, overcoming the stability of high temperature disinfection before fermentation, suppression of bacterial growth, and the shortcomings of the fermentation tank scaling, and easy to separate after the fermentation, the tank is easy to clean and other advantages.

Features of fermentation defoamer:

1, silicone antifoaming emulsion, high solid content, suitable for aqueous systems.

2, stable performance, high temperature resistance, foam inhibition for a long time.

3, add less, will not have chemical reaction with microorganisms.

4, does not affect the growth of microorganisms themselves, no effect on the quality of the original product.


Application Scenario of Fermentation Defoamer: It is suitable for defoaming in various processes such as food, fermentation, pharmaceuticals, fruits and vegetables washing products, egg washing machines and so on.


The use of fermentation defoamer: the recommended dosage percentage is 0.1 to 0.5, due to the complexity of the composition of the foaming system, the use of the first test, and then adjusted according to the experimental results in the appropriate defoaming cost-effectiveness.

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