Test defoaming agents before using them

Jan 15, 2024


Test defoaming agents before using


Before using defoaming agents, you must test them. Otherwise, improper selection may lead to less-than-ideal results or even cause certain harm.


We can conduct qualitative or quantitative tests on the performance of defoaming agents according to actual needs.


So what are the specific methods for testing defoaming agents?

1. Measuring cylinder method

The simplest and most common method is the graduated cylinder test method. Add 50ml of foaming solution to a 100-graduated cylinder with a stopper. After shaking the bottle up and down 30 times each time, let it sit and observe the foam height and defoaming time.


2. Spray test

Spray bubble solution to create bubbles, and then add defoaming agent to measure the defoaming effect based on the defoaming time.


3. Circulation pump test

Place the bubble solution in a closed loop to circulate, add defoaming agent for stirring, and measure the foam height. This method is to test the quantitative evaluation of anti-foaming performance under the dynamic state of stirring, emulsification and shearing. When the solution circulates in a closed loop, the time required to reach a certain foam height is measured to evaluate the defoaming efficiency.


4. Density meter measurement

Use a density meter to measure the density of the foaming liquid mixture. The difference between this density value and the density of the foaming liquid before stirring represents the amount of foaming. The greater the density difference, the higher the gas content in the foaming liquid mixture, the greater the foaming power, and the foaming rate is represented by the density difference as a percentage of the density of the foaming liquid before stirring. Test the foaming amount of the slurry after adding the defoaming agent. The difference between the foaming amount of the blank slurry and the foaming amount of the blank slurry is the foaming suppression amount. Then compare it with the blank slurry's foaming amount to get the defoaming agent's foaming suppression rate.


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