Why power plant desulphurisation defoamer

Jan 12, 2024

Power plant desulphurisation defoamer is different from other defoaming environment. Because the composition of the slurry of desulphurisation and the composition of water treatment wastewater are different. In most of the thermal power plants are used to burn coal this way. Desulphurisation foaming not only increases the workload and trouble to the operation, but also pollutes the working environment, so the need to use power plant desulphurisation antifoam agent.

First, power plant desulphurisation foaming causes

1. desulphurisation flue gas contains a large number of insoluble gases, these gases will react with other liquids resulting in a rise in surface tension, resulting in the generation of foam

2. flue gas combustion is not sufficient, a large number of unburned particles into the desulphurisation slurry, resulting in the generation of foam

3. The limestone in the FGD absorber contains a certain amount of magnesium oxide, which will react with some substances resulting in a large number of foam generation

4. FGD system operation is not up to standard, so that more and more slurry accumulation, resulting in the generation of foam


Second, the damage of foam in the power plant desulphurisation

1. Foam has a great impact on the daily operation of the power plant, which will also lead to an increase in power generation costs.

2. Foam increases the surface tension and leads to virtual level of power plant, overflow of slurry and loss of raw material.

3. Foam occurrence leads to scaling and blockage of heat exchangers.


Third, the user of power plant desulfurisation defoamer concerns

1. Can power plant desulphurisation defoamer reduce surface tension agilely? Will the defoaming be slow?

2. Will adding defoamer affect the normal operation of desulphurisation system? Does the exhaust gas indicator meet the expectation?

3. Will excessive use of defoamer cause negative impact?


Characteristics of defoamer for power plant desulphurisation

1. Strong defoaming and foam inhibiting power, low dosage, without affecting the basic properties of the foaming system.

2. Good heat resistance, chemical stability, no adverse side effects, non-flammable, non-explosive

3. It will not affect the normal operation of the desulphurisation system after joining, and there will be no situation that the gas index of the discharged gas does not meet the standard.

4. Stable effect in acid, alkali, electrolyte and hard water.

Power plant desulphurisation defoamer should be tested before use to determine the applicability; gentle stirring before use, the general defoamer additive amount of 0.1%-0.3%, the final use of the amount according to the actual experiments, in the normal operation of the situation, to the amount of slurry as a standard. The first time to add this product, should be a one-time impact feeding, and then every 24 hours a one-time feeding, but the actual dosage of the determination of the composition of the foaming liquid, the amount of flue gas, the composition of coal and combustion conditions, absorbent, sulphur dioxide content, the use of units can be based on the actual situation of the final determination of the dosage.

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