What is the relationship between defoamers and surfactants?

Dec 25, 2023

Is a defoamer a surfactant? Many workers who use defoamer for the first time will think about this question. Since a defoamer is a processing aid, is it a surfactant? 



First of all, surfactants do a lot of things. Different HLB values have different effects. When the HLB value of the surfactant reaches 1-3, it has the function of defoaming. But it's limited to one area, not all. So many people think that surfactants are defoamers, but they are not. They are different kinds of products.


Let's see the difference between defoamers and surfactants:

1. Their defoaming methods are different.

2. Defoamer can suppress bubbles while surfactant cannot.

3. Defoamer is stable chemistry while surfactant is the opposite.

4. The main role of a defoamer is defoaming, but the role of surfactants is more.

5. Surfactants have many side effects. The defoamer has no side effects except for a few specialized defoamers.


Characteristics of surfactants:

There are many classification methods and functions of surfactants, among which there are seven functions: wetting, micelle and solubilization, emulsification, foaming, suspension, disinfection, descaling and washing.


Features of defoamers:

Defoamers are composed of polysiloxane and/or polyether, emulsifier, dispersant and stabilizer, etc. It has excellent foam suppression performance and can maintain a good suppression effect at a low concentration. So it is widely used.

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