Application of petrochemical defoamer

Jan 04, 2024

Petroleum, known as "black gold", is regarded as a key energy source for economic development due to its rich chemical products and wide range of applications. However, in processing links such as oil refining, once a large amount of foam occurs, this process will become difficult. At this time, the use of petrochemical defoamer can effectively eliminate foam and control foam generation.

The main reason for foaming during oil processing is that the oil extracted from the ground cannot be used directly and must be processed. Petroleum solution contains various mixtures and a large amount of suspended solids, such as iron sulfide, sand, salt, etc., which can easily cause foam during processing. In addition, the C5 and above components in the amine liquid increase its surface tension, and the entry of air during the stirring process will also cause a large amount of foam.


During the processing, if a large amount of foam is generated, the processing process will be prolonged, thereby affecting the quality of the finished petroleum product. Due to the presence of foam, refining is incomplete and harmful substances are mixed in, which in turn increases the emission of harmful substances during combustion and pollutes the atmosphere.


If you want to improve processing efficiency and reduce impurities in petrochemical products, the first choice is to eliminate foam during processing. Although natural defoaming takes a long time, the foam cannot be completely removed, so petrochemical defoaming agents are commonly used for defoaming and controlling foam.


In view of the complex composition of petroleum and its numerous chemical elements, defoaming agents are required to have rapid defoaming capabilities in high temperature, strong acid, and strong alkali environments. The petrochemical defoaming agent developed in response to the problem of petroleum foam has the characteristics of convenience and ease of use, direct addition, fast defoaming speed, excellent compatibility and good high temperature performance.


Proper use of petrochemical defoamers can effectively eliminate foam and make complex tasks simple.

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