Circulating cooling water treatment defoamer using and precautions

Sep 12, 2023

Nowadays, I believe that most enterprises and factories are very concerned about environmental protection, and they use circulating water treatment systems to treat sewage. During the continuous operation of the circulating water system in the circulating water treatment process, a large number of actinomycetes and filamentous bacteria appear in the water body, and the air introduced by stirring and stirring will naturally appear, such as (proteins, polysaccharides, including other water-based systems containing surface active components of circulating water agents). The foam is mostly yellowish brown and is not easy to handle. 

The foaming of circulating water treatment will directly affect the normal operation of the water treatment system, so most factories will use circulating water treatment defoamer for defoaming.

Circulating water treatment defoamer can be said to be a low-cost and simple solution. But do you really understand the use of circulating water treatment defoamer? The following is for everyone to sort out some of the use of circulating water treatment defoamer and matters needing attention, let's take a look.



The use of circulating water treatment defoamer:

1) It is recommended to dilute 1-3 times with water or solvent (also available as foaming solution) before use.

Drop addition. In the foam more places we drop the defoamer, so that the use of defoamer can be limited.

2)Concentrated drip, flow or spray in the place where the foam is concentrated, and directly add at the mouth of the pool with good sewage flow. The recommended amount is 30-300PPM.

Precautions for circulating water treatment defoamer:

When using circulating water treatment defoamer, the amount does not need to be too much. Only 0.05%~0.1%, adding too much is also a waste. In the process of dilution, it can not be diluted too much.When the solid content reaches more than 5%, the defoaming effect of circulating water treatment defoaming agent will be significantly reduced, and more defoaming agent needs to be added to achieve the defoaming effect.So it is not worth the loss! If it is to be used immediately when diluted or to be stored for a long time after dilution, remember to add a stabilizer.

Circulating water treatment defoamer is a highly efficient defoamer. It is characterized by fast defoaming speed, long time of defoaming, high efficiency, low dosage, and non-toxic, no corrosion, no adverse side effects. Easily dispersed in water, it can be well compatible with liquid products, not easy to break milk bleaching oil.

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