The harm of foam in the production of dish soap

Sep 25, 2023

Defoamer is made from a variety of special polyethers by composite technology, which has good functions of defoaming and defoaming and high shear resistance. After adding, it does not affect the appearance of dishwashing liquid, does not bleach oil, does not break milk, does not float, and does not produce residue hanging on the wall. Post-processing without any adverse effects, environmental protection type. It has the effect of rapid defoaming and long-term defoaming. It does not contain organic solvent, not invade corrosion equipment, and not affect the solderability.

Dish soap is a daily use in our daily life, is a good helper in our daily life decontamination. But his production process is not as simple as we thought. Due to surfactants, equipment, stirring, production environment and other reasons will lead to a large number of foam generation. This will affect the consistency and quality of the product, but also slow down the production process, resulting in an increase in costs. This is where dish soap defoamer comes in.

The harm of foam in the production of dish soap:

1.It will reduce the quality of the product effect, affect cleanliness.

2.It is not easy to clean for the fiber foam with many gaps, it will also delay the cleaning time and increase the cost.

3.The foam will affect the visibility of the cleaned surface, it is not conducive to observing the degree of cleaning.

4.The foam overflow cleaning system, resulting in environmental pollution.

5.The foam will cause cleaning equipment easy to damage.

6.It will affect the progress of production.

7.It will cause multiple washing, resulting in an increase in costs and waste of resources.

Physical causes of foaming:

1.Mixing is not standardized.

2.The production workshop temperature does not meet the production requirements.

3.The equipment power is not suitable.

Chemical causes of foaming:

1.There are foamable substances in raw materials.

2.The increase of other auxiliary chemical reaction.

3.The water quality is soft.

Reverse solubility:

Due to the molecule contains polyether chain segments, it has the turbidity point characteristics of polyether defoamer, and can easily select the suitable polyether defoamer based on the temperature requirements of the system defoamer.


The hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties of siloxane and polyether are different. When polyether modified silicone defoamer is added to solvent, polyether chain segment extends outside and polysiloxane chain segment curls inside. The dispersion that results is what's called "Self-emulsion."

Under the action of self-emulsion, the defoamer can be quickly and evenly dispersed in the foaming solution, and the stability is more prominent. It is beneficial to give full play to the defoaming function. By adjusting the proportion of polyether segment and siloxane segment, the defoamer can be applied to foaming solutions with different properties.


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