Introduction of Water-based Adhesive Anti-foam Agent

Oct 18, 2023



The adhesive antifoaming agent is a high efficient defoaming agent compounded by special process.


Features: destroy foam and strong anti-foaming ability, less dosage, does not affect the basic properties of the foaming system. In all kinds of emulsions, it has strong ability of eliminating bubbles, fast breaking speed, preventing bubbles from growing and bouncing back, completely eliminating all kinds of bubbles and improving product quality. Good heat resistance, chemical stability, no corrosion, no combustion, no explosion. It is a kind of efficient antifoaming agent with both long-lasting foam suppression and rapid defoaming performance, and does not produce pinhole and does not affect the firmness of the product.


Adhesive antifoaming agents for adhesive manufacturing, polyvinyl acetate, casein, dextrin, acrylic, natural and synthetic latex (latex), gels and glues, high viscosity white milk, glues, EVA emulsion, latex, emulsion polymerization, acrylic acid emulsion, adhesives, white latex, starch gum, polyvinyl alcohol emulsion. All kinds of emulsion: acrylic resin, adhesive, white latex, polymer glue, water-based color paste, emulsion polymerization, waterproof coating, printing, synthetic emulsion.




1. Classified by application method: thermosetting type, hot melt type, room temperature curing type, pressure sensitive type, etc.

2. Classified by application object: structural, non-structural or special glue.

The structural adhesives are: epoxy resin, polyurethane, silicone, polyimide and other thermoset adhesives; polyacrylate, polymethacrylate, methanol and other thermoplastic adhesives; modified multi-component adhesives such as phenolic - epoxy.

3. Classified by curing: solvent volatile type, emulsion type, reaction and hot melt type.

4. Synthetic chemists often like to classify adhesives according to the chemical composition of adhesives.

5. Classified by main components: organic and inorganic.

6. Classified by the appearance: liquid, paste and solid.

7. Classified by Component: single component,  component, and reactive type. 


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