Polycarboxylate water-reducing agent defoaming agent usage and precautions

Jan 05, 2024

Polycarboxylate water-reducing agent is a high-efficiency water-reducing agent that also has the function of dispersing cement. It is widely used in precast and cast-in-place concrete projects in many fields such as high-speed railways, passenger dedicated lines, and construction, including reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete. During the concrete production process, polycarboxylate water-reducing agents can easily cause foaming problems due to their high gas content and the presence of a large amount of surfactants. Therefore, a small amount of defoaming agent needs to be added to eliminate foam problems and thereby improve product quality. By adding a defoaming agent, it can not only eliminate excess gas in the concrete and improve the appearance of the concrete, but also reduce the gas content of the polycarboxylate water-reducing agent, improve the pore structure and tightness of the concrete, and make the concrete shape more compact and bright.



Precautions for polycarboxylate water reducing agent and defoaming agent:


1. In the process of preparing concrete, the addition of defoaming agent can help reduce the air content of polycarboxylate water-reducing agent, but it may cause the concrete to be too viscous. It is recommended to introduce an appropriate amount of air-entraining agent first, and then add defoaming agent.


2. Defoaming agent has good compatibility and dispersion effect with water and other surfactants, but it is recommended not to store it for too long, or to continue stirring during storage. Excessive storage period or failure to stir in time will lead to separation.


3. In order to avoid the influence of alkaline substances, various surfactants added during the production process have corresponding alkaline characteristics. It is recommended to choose a defoaming agent with long-lasting defoaming and anti-foaming properties, high temperature resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance and other properties.

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