Wastewater treatment polysiloxane defoamer in which industry more applicable

Jan 10, 2024

Sewage treatment polysiloxane antifoam agent - polysiloxane antifoam agent is generally composed of polydimethylsiloxane and silicon dioxide 2 key components of the chemical compound moderate mutual cooperation and become, to polydimethylsiloxane as the plate of the antifoam agent is eliminating the antifoam management system in the category of idealised antifoam agent, that is to say, because of its insoluble in water, it is difficult to emulsions, polydimethylsiloxane Dimethicone has lower surface properties than carbon chain hydrocarbons, and thus has a lower interfacial tension than the surface activators generally used in the textile industry.

Anti-foaming agent simple polydimethylsiloxane foam inhibition characteristics of poor and slow, anti-foaming effect must be silica objects to enhance the silica objects by the methyl silicone oil to the foam gas - water liquid surface and into the bubble liquid film because of its hydrophobic solubility, and surface activator polyurethane foaming liquid contact with polyurethane foaming liquid and then drive polyurethane foaming liquid from the surface of the hydrophobic objects of the liquid to drain, resulting in the rapid discharge of part of the foam liquid and cause cracking, so that, because of the surface activator polyurethane foaming liquid, the polyurethane foaming liquid is not liquid, but the polyurethane foaming liquid is not liquid. In that case, because of the synergistic effect, the two constituent chemicals cause excellent anti-foaming practical effect.

Polysiloxane defoamer has been used in many industries because of its high quality defoaming and anti-foaming efficiency and other advantages, especially in the production and processing of woolen fabric dyeing and finishing, the trend of development is especially rapid, scientific research has found that silicone glycol antifoam agent with polydimethylsiloxane and high-pressure polyethylene pre-polymer as a plate has idealised defoaming and anti-foaming practical effects in the processing of spray dyeing and other woolen fabrics because of its unique melting characteristics. The actual effect of foam. First dilute the liquid with tap water 1:30 times after dilution, plus the use of 0.5% -0.6%, the appropriate antifoam agent can reasonably prevent and remove foam, do not apply too much. As far as possible before the application of mixing, and tap water or thickening water first need to add the defoamer dilution of the aqueous solution of the defoamer after the application. Antifoaming agent should be added before the polyurethane foaming liquid is not polyurethane foaming, so that it can be more reasonable to prevent the foam caused by and remove the foam.

Antifoam agent has oil-soluble and water-soluble points, different antifoam agent used in different manufacturing industries.

The available PH range of defoamer. Strong alkali and strong acid natural environments are more stringent for defoamers, which must be indicated with the defoamer manufacturer for the plasma carrier natural environment.

Consider the high efficiency of the defoamer. Some defoamers are very good at first, but after a period of time the actual effect is much worse.

There are many elements that harm defoamers, and the following are 2 common reasons:

1)Antifoam agent is electrified by surface activator.

2)The main agent of defoamer can be digested and absorbed by the sealant epoxy resin.

Antifoam working ability in static data condition. When the liquid that caused the vapour bubble flows back to the storage tank or immediately is the paint barrel, this time if the anti-foaming fast still can.

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